25. 3. 2020


The current time has put on masks on our faces, but at the same time revealed the great hearts of many ordinary heroes. Each of them engages in the best way he can. Doctors, nurses, shop assistants, firefighters, social workers, and many others stand in the front line, seamstresses tirelessly sew more and more masks, cooks deliver food,…

 … we are also here for you. You don’t have to be alone – VDS = Your Good Company

We offer a FREE opportunity to stop for a moment, exhale, talk about what you are dealing with, look at the situation from different angles and even discover opportunities for minor shifts that will bring big changes.

It’s possible, that:

  • You feel surprised at what is happening around you now
  • You are exposed to work stress due to the daily demands of change, so you don’t know what to do first
  • You are still looking for the best way to set up a collaboration within your team and your business and you will appreciate discussing the useful tips with someone experienced
  • Every next day, when you have to manage at the same time home office, care for children and their education, entertainment and full of stomachs, begins to take its toll on your or family comfort
  • You have remained in social isolation of quarantine and you lack the opportunity to talk to someone about what you feel or what you are thinking about

Send an SMS to 602209277 or email to and we will arrange a suitable date, time and suitable form of conversation (telephone, Skype, Zoom, FaceTime).

You know someone who might be able to benefit from this support, let them know about us.

13. 3. 2020

Postponed Data of March – April Open Courses

In view of the current situation, following the Government Declaration on measures against the spread of coronavirus, we hereby postpone the dates of all OPEN courses planned for March and April 2020.

We wish everyone to cope with the situation in peace and, if possible, in health and we look forward to meeting in the future.

New dates will be determined based on further developments in the current situation.

17. 12. 2019

PF 2020

Another year that brought many creative meetings at workshops, pieces of training, team and individual coaching, is behind us.

Thank you for your willingness to discover and share with us, to learn new information and perspectives, for your willingness to find new approaches, to change yourself and thus contribute to your well-being as well as everyone around you.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas with family and friends and a lot of joy, playfulness, love, and success to the New Year.

This year we have chosen a picture called  “HAPPINESS” for PF for you from a talented painter of the company DUHA, z.ú.

We believe that you can find at least a small piece of happiness during each day of 2020.

We will be with you for 20 years in 2020, so we are even more looking forward to seeing you at our courses or workshops,  programs with horses, or individual and team coaching.

29. 4. 2019

International Coaching Week 2019

International Coaching Week starts on April 29th all around the world for the twentieth!

This is a week dedicated to professional coaching, organized by International Coach Federation (ICF) every year. Most of the activities organized by ICF Czech Chapter you will find during the week started on May 13.

During this week engaged coaches come to provide pro bono coaching tasting, meetings, lectures and workshops for everybody interested in professional coaching.


Individual coaching tasting with
Pavlou Žákovskou, PCC 
available on 
May 17 from 9.00 to 18.00

Come to find out how a professional coach can support you.

Enjoy the opportunity to try what is coaching about and how you can profit from it in a safe and pleasant space.


A specific time of your meeting must be scheduled, ask for your time preference through e-mail

More information about ICW 2019 you will find at more >>.

more >>

14. 2. 2019

Data of Open Courses 2019

Favorite Open courses are here for you this year again.

Find the best for yourself, block the data in your calendar, and send us your application to be sure to have your spot. Each course is likely to take place only once this year, so do not hesitate too long. 🙂

Current dates and detailed information on everything that’s waiting for you can be found by clicking on below for more >>.


19. 12. 2018

Thanks and PF 2019

The year 2018 is slowly behind us. Thank you for all this year’s meetings, extraordinary moments of discovering and sharing, your enthusiasm, the effort to seek new approaches, to change yourself, and to contribute to the well-being and self-esteem of yourself and this way also of the others.

We wish you a happy Christmas with your family and friends and an abundance of joy, love, and success in the New Year.

Let the year 2019 bloom in all areas!

We look forward to meeting you at our courses, workshops, programs with horses, or individual and team coaching next year.

Open course terms can be found on our site during January.



20. 12. 2017
Thanks and PF 2018

This is the end of the 17th year, when we are happy to support you on your journey of development, creating balance and joy, leaving dysfunctional “thought patterns”, finding new ways to discover and open “new doors” for yourself and your business as well as personal surroundings.

Thank you for all this year’s meeting, your openness, your desire to seek and find, to change yourself and thus your surroundings, and perhaps even the whole society.

We wish you Christmas full of peace, harmony and well-being, and a new year of joy, love, and success.

Let the year 2018 brings you all that is important to you!

We look forward to seeing you next year, whether on courses or workshops, on horseback programs, during the individual or team coaching, on our May retreat to Bali and Gili Air.

9. 10. 2017
NEWS preparing for 2018
For 2018 we are preparing several new products, we are so happy about.

In addition to new themes and formats in the Open Courses offer, we have prepared a further expansion of our activities in cooperation with very interesting partners.

You can look forward to the possibility of completely new experiences and discoveries through meeting and contacts with horses in our corporate programs.

In May, you will also have the opportunity to fulfill your dreams of Time just for Yourself and Relax, joining the RETREAT program in the exotic paradise of the Bali and Gili Air islands.

More soon …..

11.9. 2017
International Forum ICF 2017 –  Creation and Development of Coaching Culture 
We cannot miss the 2nd International Forum which will be held On November 30th, 2017, organized by the ICF Czech Republic.

The format of the program offers space for 5 international speakers, discussion, sharing and pleasant encounters during the gala evening.

If you are interested in Creating and developing a coaching culture, register as soon as possible (the Early-bird fee until 20 September).

For complete information about Forum see more >>

We look forward to meeting you.


4. 5. 2017
International Coaching Week 2017
As well as in previous years we participate in International Coaching Week, which is running from 15th to 21st May this year.

Our coaching room is ready on 15th May from 9.00 to 18.00 for those interested in tasting of PRO BONO coaching with Pavla Žákovská,PCC.

The specific time of your 45-minute meeting must be agreed in advance by e-mail:

Come to learn more about how a professional coach can support you. Try it with no obligation in a safe and comfortable environment.

For complete information about ICW 2017 see more >>

14. 12. 2016
Thanks and PF 2017
Another year is slowly coming to its end and so we slowly recapitulate what it has brought us. Even this year was filled with many meetings, whether for development projects – courses and workshops or coaching individuals and teams.

We thank all our clients for the pleasant atmosphere which they helped shape, their openness, curiosity, creativity and a willingness to explore, try new even outside their comfort zone, and positively change themselves and thus the world around them.

We wish you a Merry  Christmas and a JOYFUL year 2017.

8. 1. 2016
Open Courses for 2016
Although New Year has just started  the Open Courses Schedule for 2016 invites you to join.

Find the best for you, book the dates in your diary and send us your application, to ensure your seat.

For detailed information about our OPEN Courses  see more>>

21. 12. 2015
PF 2016
Thanks to all our clients for fruitful cooperation and and creative, inspiring meetings this year. We wish you a Merry Christmas and really successful next year. Let 2016 is completely full in everything – Joy, Love, Health, Well-Being and professional and personal achievements.
7. 12. 2015
We´ve moved
From December 1st you can find us in  Vysočany, so we are accessible by all means of public transport from now. For the train followers – from “Masarykovo nádraží” to Vysočany station it takes only 8 minutes :).

Our new address is:

Business Center ROKYTKA, Sokolovská 270/201 190 00 Praha 9.

For the Map see Contact >>

18. 5. 2015
ICW 2015 opening event
On Monday, May 18th 2015, Pavla Žákovská on behalf of ICF Czech Republic as a president officially started the ICF International Coaching Week presenting ICF and coaching at the Česká spořitelna Coaching Cafe. Česká spořitelna a.s. is one of the ICW 2015 partners.

All events of ICW 2015 can be found here more >>

PF 2015
We wish you a Merry Christmas and Successful entering 2015. Let is your life colorful and full of joy as in the picture of Goldfish from Kateřina Nedbalová during the whole year. Our recommendation is: “Do not rely on the “Goldfish”, fulfillyour desires yourselves!”

Open Courses for 2015
Already today you can sign up for the Open Courses that will be held in 2015. We hope you will enjoy our newly designed course New Leadership, responding to numerous questions demanding this topic.