List of Topics


All the subjects could be realized in the form of Trainings or Workshops. The content of the training is customised to the specific needs and demands of the client and actual level of participant’s knowledge and skills.





Verbal communication Speech techniques Non-verbal communication Active listening
Questioning techniques NLP techniques Styles of influencing Running effective meeting
Negotiation Handling conflicts Interviewing skills Teamwork
Presentation skills How to say NO Handling feedback Communication by phone



Basics of leadership Motivation and Evaluation Team building Situational Leadership
Delegating Coaching Performance management Time management / Planning
Running meetings MBO/Management by objectives SWOT analysis Systemic approach



Self-development Self-image Self-organization / Time management Types of personalities and different approaches in handling them
Assertiveness Positive thinking Creativeness and solving problems MBTI
Handling stress      



Selling skills Dealing with customers Customer oriented services SPIN method
Typology of customers Telemarketing Using NLP techniques in sales Solving of difficult situations
Handling complaints Negotiating with customers/business partners Effective persuading