We enjoy looking for solutions

The quality of the services that we offer is based on:

  • 20 years of the training, coaching, consultancy and managerial background
  • experience of working for Czech as well as international companies
  • friendly and supportive atmosphere, we can provide
  • high professionalism enhanced by intensive international training, observing latest trends, further education and ICF certification
  • ability to develop and conduct a large variety of training programmes at a high professional standard
  • our maximum support in preparation, organization and implementation of trainings, workshops and teambuilding events

Methodics of Project Preparation and Implementation:

Our projects are tailor-made to client’s needs, fully corresponding specific situation of your company; that´s why we always comply the following procedure:

  1. Personal meeting, clarifying views and needs of the submitter
  2. Preliminary project proposal and its approval
  3. Identification of company training and development needs/ coaching expectations and goals in the form of:
    • in-take interviews; when coaching/mentoring meeting the client and his/her sponsor
    • other specific sources (e.g. annual reports, tests and questionnaires)
    • optional on-job observations
  4. Designing specific training/developing/coaching programme
  5. Support during preparation and organization (recommendation of suitable venue, communication with the hotel, preparation and distribution of invitations for participants, full on-site service)
  6. Implementation (including the training manual, pens and all other necessary materials and tools for in-door and out-door)
  7. Evaluation, for trainings and workshops in form of Evaluation report based on feedback and summary of participants’ feed-back sheets, where observations of trainer and recommendations of further development steps are provided by the trainer.

In our training materials we use:

  • topics and situations coming from client´s company environment
  • typical “language” of company culture
  • examples and case studies from participants´ work environment
  • individual approach tuned to company culture and organization structure (based on standards given by the sponsor)