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Pavla Žákovská continues successfully in training and coaching activities of Czech subsidy of Dutch company Van Dalsum & Schouten, representing herself the trade mark of VDS Training & Development since 2000. From this year numbers of Czech as well as international companies have used our services, many of them being our long-term, satisfied clients, which we are deeply grateful for.

Our business is to provide maximum support for development of client´s potential, changing people´s behaviour for better. We apply all our professional skills, experience and know-how to enable attainment of necessary changes.

In the field of courses and trainings our know-how includes communicational, personal, managerial and business skills offered to our clients in the form of tailor-made projects with carefully chosen form of realisation and content, adjusted to participants´ level of knowledge and experience, as well as appropriate time scale.

For individuals and teams we offer support of qualified coach certified as ICF PCC (Professional Certified Coach). In our coaching the ICF Code of Ethics is fully respected.

Among others our clients appreciate our ability to adapt the agreed topics on local company environment, integrate effectively various forms of development and guide the participants to overcome their current personal and performance limits.

The programmes we prepare in full respect to clients claims and needs. We base our training, coaching and mentoring programmes on your goals, aims of your company and local environment. Your goals, company mission, culture and environment being on our mind, the challenges and market threats, opportunities and restrictions form key inputs for our programmes. We emphasize systemic approach.

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PaedDr. Pavla Žákovská, PCC
Senior Trainer & Coach
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Mgr. Simona Šašková, ACC
Facilitátor programů s koňmi & Coach
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Mgr. Roman Žákovský
Business Mentor & Consultant