“Those who are not able to manage themselves are not able to manage anything.”


Also often think about how to use your time best to master those thousands of things waiting for you every day? How often do you experience a feeling of constant hurry and search for something? Where have your life euphoria and well being disappeared? You want to be well balanced and happy, don´t you?!

Therefore it is so much important to clarify your career and private life targets, to be able to set your priorities correctly and learn how to plan and manage your time according to them effectively. We all have the same quantity of time in our disposal, the difference is just in the way, we use it.

Most of people thinks that planning and priorities setting is just draft of complicated list of times and activities, and therefore it is time wasting. In fact time planning is the crucial step to balanced and successful life.

Number of participants:max. 12
Time range:2 days
(I. day 9 – 17 ; II. day 9 – 17 )
Term: 4. – 5. 5. 2021
Location:Na Poříčí 5, Praha
Hotel Ibis



Trainer:PaedDr. Pavla Žákovská, PCC

It isn’t so difficult; you CAN have your priorities and time under your control! We would be pleased to help you!

This programme is dedicated to everybody who doesn’t want to lose control on his/her time, who wants to manage effectively his/her activities according to priorities and needs of his/her career and private life and who tries to find an opportunity to develop the right skills in a “safe” atmosphere with professional support.

ObjectiveMethodsYour investment
To acquire or eventually deepen skills in following areas: Intensive training with interactive coaching approach: 11 990 CZK

(VAT not incl.)
  • Characteristics and determination of priorities
  • Current situation analysis
  • Identification of targets and priorities
  • Time planning according to priorities
  • Programme and operational objectives
  • Setting of actual plan
  • Self-analysis of current time usage
  • Identification of time thieves
  • The Pareto rule
  • Tips for effective time using
  • Audit of delegation
  • Delegation techniques
  • Working in groups
  • Model situations
  • Exercises and case studies
  • Role plays with video recording
  • Analysis of recorded situations
  • Trainer’s analysis and feedback
  • Explanation and discussions
  • Training room and technical equipment
  • Training manual
  • Additional training materials and tools
  • Notepad and writing material
  • Certificate of course completion
  • 2 Lunches
  • Morning and afternoon coffee break during the course

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