It’s not about having the right opportunities. It’s about handling the opportunities right./ Mark Hunter (autor “A Mind of Sa /


Many of us didn’t aim to become a salesman, we wanted to be the consultants, lawyers, project managers, so we haven’t knowingly prepared ourselves to meet the clients. It is easy to just talk to people whether they are a client or not, right? But can we really approach it in a way that we will just be ourselves and the situation will somehow play out? Whether we sign this new client or will be able to keep our current one, depends solely on them, and if they decide they will just leave for our competitor anyway. Or can we do a little a bit more?

In communication, there are so many things we can control. We don’t focus on them when we are speaking to someone, and the only thing we remember is that the person on the phone was very nice or that the service in the shop or restaurant was amazing.

This is, however, oftentimes not a coincidence or simply a result of someone’s character. More often it is a skill, which can really distinguish you in the eyes of your clients, and step up your game. Same as with the other skills we have learned, we need first to learn about the possibilities and most importantly to start with practising them.

Number of participants:min. 7 – max. 10
Time range:2 dny
(I. den 9 – 20 ; II. den 9 – 17 )
Language:Czech (can also be English)
Term: 21. – 22. 3. 2022

Na Poříčí 5, Praha
Hotel Ibis

Trainer:Mgr. Roman Žákovský

Even you can feel at home during the networking event, start conversations with strangers without hesitation or read your client’s bodylanguage during the meeting. We will be happy to help you!

This program is intended for everyone who wants to elevate to a new level within the latest knowledge and functional communication approaches related to establishing and maintaining relationships with clients, business partners and colleagues.

ObjectiveMethodsYour investment
To acquire or eventually deepen skills in following areas:Intensive training with interactive coaching approach:14 990 CZK includes: (VAT not incl.)
  • Non-verbal communication and its application during networking and business meetings
  • Neuro-lingvistic programming and techniques of building relationships with clients
  • Techniques for starting conversations with strangers during networking
  • Small talk and smooth transfer into the conversation about the main subject matter
  • Effective use of every conversation with client to build relationship
  • Practical examples
  • Group work
  • Analysing best practices and feedback from the trainer
  • Trainer’s analysis and feedback
  • Explanation and discussions
  • Training room and technical equipment
  • Training manual
  • Additional training materials and tools
  • Notepad and writing material
  • Certificate of course completion
  • 2 Lunches
  • Morning and afternoon coffee break during the course

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