Out-Door & Teambuilding


This method allows developing and fostering the knowledge and skills, acquired during the classical training “in the room” through intensive experience received in an informal environment of the nature.

Unusual and often stressful "outside-job" situations provide a reliable source for raising even better awareness of the participants´ character, skills and behaviour which leads to a more complex audit of personal potential of individual team-members.

Each out-door activity is followed by a feedback, whereby the participants are encouraged to tell each other their opinions on managerial and communication procedures used in that activity and to link them to the real job-situations.

Later on, intensive experience from out-door training activities influence in a positive way successful application of the new knowledge in their working lives.

The out-door training activity is a combination of proven-out training methods widely used abroad and specific approaches, reflecting deep insight into the local Czech environment and way of thinking.



"Out-door" form is suitable as:

  • Supplement to subjects of personality development, communication skills, Teambuilding, leadership and motivation in-door trainings
  • Teambuilding (groups of 8 – 250 participants)
  • Corporate events, "family days", etc.




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