Hundreds of books have been written about leadership, emotional and relationship intelligence, and authenticity, hundreds of theories. But they are still only theories. How many of them have you read and successfully forgot? How many times have you seen someone trying to implement some of the theories in practice, with the result that, caused a smile in best case? We commonly use many words that are not filled with any specific content or we are not able use them successfully.

„The wisest and noblest teacher is nature itself.“ /Leonardo da Vinci/

Some words, skills, principles, strategies need to be experienced to be understood.

“To use the help of the horses” was a great decision. Managers have to be able to work without the bias and stereotypes and find somewhere within them their inner own determination and conviction.” /Tomáš, ČSOB/

Allow Yourself and Your Colleagues to Experience Something New

Development programs and coaching with horses allow a safe exit from the comfort zone while creating a dynamic, unpredictable situation that matches the practical life in companies and requires flexibility and authenticity. At the same time, even during group events, a very strong individual experience is provided.

The whole concept is based on the philosophy that through interaction and the creation of horse-human relationships, people learn new ways to understand themselves, their strategies of functioning in life and their influence on the outside world.


What do horses offer us? 

Horses are in their nature always ready to react immediately to the intent and the integrity of their human partners. Whoever gain their respect and trust, gets their heart and willingness to cooperate fully. The skill that is priceless in the working environment as understanding your own way to lead others is the only way to be credible to others.

Horses do not judge or label, they react always positively and immediately. During the meetings with horses, the natural instincts and the behaviour of horses enable the clients to clearly understand aspects of their own behaviour, habits, skills they have not previously been aware of. AND TO USE the practical consequences of clients´ influence on others.

Horses always reflect the current situation and allow us to see our usual approaches and strategies from a new point of view. They are still willing to give us a new chance and opportunity to learn.

When being with horses people quickly recognize their functional and non-functional strategies, while having the opportunity to try out new ones that they are not so sure about in practice to test them on their teams and their relationships

What to be prepared for?

For the intensive work with yourself, being supported and led by horses.

Horses are not tools for us but partners.

All activities take place on the ground and we do not ride the horses.

Your bigger respect for horses may not be an obstacle. You will have the possibility of learning, and you can benefit from meeting the horses even keeping this respect.

Any previous experience with horses is not essential.

Part of a meeting with horses is always devoted to understanding the natural behaviour and instincts of horses.

Group programs are one or multi-day.

 The program can be followed by the team or individual coaching according to your interest.

You can also choose an individual meeting that takes 3.5 hours.

The exact content and focus of the program are always tailored to the customer.

The program includes: theory, practical exercises, activities with horses, team facilitation

The size of the group is ideally about 8 people. Upon agreement up to 12 people.

Who leads the programs

Programs are being prepared and conducted in close cooperation with Mgr. Simonou Šaškovou, ACC více>>

  Simona is the only one in the Czech Republic working with the know-how gained during her one-year training at The Academy of Coaching with horses in Colorado directly by Kathy Pike, one of the USA to the pioneers as well as leaders in this field, with more than 15 years of practical experience.


Favourite Programs:


“Heart-based Leadership” – 2 days

An intensive experience program focused on energy dynamics between individuals in the group, between the leader and the team members. Part of the program takes place in nature, outdoors and with horses in the role of mentors.

The program’s effectiveness lies in an intensive engagement of all aspects of our experience and learning. We associate conscious, rational understanding with experiencing emotions and physical experiences.


“Emotional Intelligence in Business” – 2 days

How to use emotional intelligence at work – to simply see and learn to take advantage of new opportunities. Think strategically in the long run.

To literally attract the best people to their teams. To lead and inspire others to realize vision and strategy. 


“Coaching the Vision” – 1 day (can be individual – 1/2 day)

Whether you need to align with the project or company team or start a new business, you need to know exactly what you want to achieve, but understand what can hinder or even stop you and how to deal with it.

The horse stays impartial towards your vision, does not bother with bold plans, and does not underestimate details you do not want to see. He enters the journey with you and will perceive every movement of your mind.

It will help you see more clearly what is waiting for you on your path and let you find the best way to step over the obstacles that might be built on your way. Some are real and some exist only in your head. Still, they are all equally real, and they can decide the outcome of your journey.


“Functional team – Teambuilding and something extra”– 1 day

The functional team is more than just a group of people with the same task or name of the department.

It is a team capable of achieving results that exceed the sum of what each of its members could add separately. A functional team is an environment that naturally motivates, supports and inspires you.

You will experience and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team and the added value of each of its members. You will learn how to better understand what is happening in the team and how to communicate better in your team and prevent conflicts. Alternatively how to successfully deal with them together.