Mgr. Roman Žákovský

foto Roman Žákovský

Business Mentor & Consultant & Trainer

My approach:


“I have attended enough workshops and pieces of training with external consultants to understand people’s aversion to good sounding rules repeated many times over. My way is to practice a “no bullshit” philosophy where everything I advise needs to be practical, immediately usable, precisely focused on achieving set goals and without any unnecessary clutter that would be just wasting the time of both sides.”

Business Mentor & Consultant

After my studies in the USA, Spain and finishing my master’s in law in the Czech Republic, I have spent more than 3 years as a lawyer in the international law firm Allen & Overy. I focused on the advisory in the international capital markets and derivative transactions.

I liked the business side much more than the law and decided to leave for the job in the UK in the London office of Czech company LASVIT. I have quickly moved up through the ranks to become the Managing Director for UK & West Africa. Apart from the UK I have grown the business in Nigeria and did secondments in LASVIT offices in Dubai and Singapore.

After almost 7 years in London, I came back to Prague to help companies with their international expansion, business development, and internal & external communication.

I am very interested in new technologies and since 2017 I have invested in different software and hardware building companies.

Apart from VDS Training & Development, I am also a trainer and business mentor at ImpactHub, CzechCrunch Shine, and Femme Palette.