“There are many people ready to do what is right because in their hearts they know it is right, but hesitating, waiting for the first step of the others. But those in turn are waiting for them.”/Marian Anderson/

Being a manager in today’s turbulent times is quite challenging. Daily changes need making decisions, often without the possibility to rely on earlier certainty, and yet be able to lead the team so that corporate goals are achieved, what´s more, in mostly permanent time pressure.

The other aspect, which should also be considered, is that the younger generation, which has become a standard part of each working team, prefers other working and life stimuli than it was used until now.

So the question is: How to motivate subordinates adequately to their needs, abilities and skills and, through conscious managerial action, build healthy and functional teams and organizations?

The number of participants:max. 12
Time range:2 days
(I. day 9 – 17 ; II. day 9 – 17 )
Term:Part I  23. – 24. 10. 2024
Part II 27. – 28. 11. 2024
Part III  8. – 9. 01. 2025
Location:Na Poříčí 5, Praha
Hotel Ibis
Trainer:PaedDr. Pavla Žákovská, PCC

This interactive training is intended for all managers, leaders, HR partners and HR professionals who want to apply practice-proven management techniques and attitudes based on the latest research, which will be effective in today’s “new” time.

The course is divided into three two-day Parts:

Part I – Motivation and managerial communication, is focused on what works in motivating and why; how to clearly and without internal blocks communicate to subordinates my satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their working performance and encourage their development.

Part II – The role of the “leader” and a coaching approach will provide the tools for identifying practical strategies to subordinates´ individuality and possibilities of your influence, endorsing the best possible result. We will focus on setting goals in a motivating way and on particular vital skills and techniques used in coaching.

Part III – The systemic approach to the team and organization is devoted to building and leading a successful team, taking into account the systemic approach. You will experience how systemic organizational approaches work and get some inspiration on how to create and maintain “healthy” teams and organizations.

ObjectiveMethodsYour investment
To acquire or eventually deepen skills in the following areas:Intensive training with interactive coaching approach:38 970 CZK
(VAT not incl.)
  • Motivation principles
  • EQ based motivation
  • Effective feedback
  • Managerial Communication
  • A new role of “leader”
  • Movement on the edge of “comfort zone”
  • When and how to coach
  • Coaching skills
  • Leading Successful team
  • Systemic approach
  • Organizational principles of systems
  • System Dynamics in teams
  • Working in groups
  • Model situations
  • Exercises and case studies
  • Role plays with video recording
  • Analysis of recorded situations
  • Trainer’s analysis and feedback
  • Explanation and discussions
  • Training room and technical equipment
  • Training Manual
  • Additional training materials and tools
  • Notepad and writing material
  • Certificate of course completion
  • 6 Lunches
  • Morning and afternoon coffee breaks during the course

Become a Leader who is, with internal integrity and confidence, capable of effectively responding to the demands of our time! Become a conscious manager who builds a healthy, functional team and organization!

If you are interested, please get in touch with us for more details and the application form.

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