“RBTC” – The new Open Course for 2022

The offer of our favourite “Open Courses” in the upcoming year will be expanded by the new training “RBTC – Building Relationships Building through Communication ”
This year it was originally “tailor-made” as the in-company training. During the autumn it was not only rewarded with enthusiastic responses in companies where it was implemented but there were also questions about if the individuals could take part in it.
So… YES, you already can in 2022.
You CAN feel like a fish in the water during networking, having the first conversations with people you see for the first time with no hesitation, or being able to decode your client’s non-verbal communication better during your meetings.
It will be our pleasure to support you in this field. The date of the event is March 21-22, 2022.
More information and instructions for enrolling can be found HERE.